Vaccine Contracts

Main Street Vaccines offers contracts with:

Enroll in any combination of contracts that suit your individual needs. All of our contracts are independent – enrollment in one contract does not automatically enroll you in any other contract. In order to realize maximum savings, we encourage you to participate in all contracts.

Lowest pricing & best terms

In return for the preferential use of products, our Members get the lowest prices and best terms on vaccines, as well as additional bonuses through the Main Street Reward bonus program.

Enrollment is simple

Fill out our online enrollment form, and we will take care of the rest. Once you are enrolled, ordering, shipping, and payments are processed directly through the vaccine manufacturers. If you’re ordering direct now, there will be no change in your ordering process.

Please note: Merck vaccines and FluMist® can be ordered indirectly, please click on the manufacturers’ page for more information.

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