Our Mission

To be your trusted business partner enabling disease prevention through immunizations with a lower up front cost and enhanced value regardless of practice size or purchase volume.

Prices, Terms, Discounts and More:

We are proud to offer our members best prices and payment terms on top quality pediatric, adolescent, and adult vaccines. We also provide access to discounts on virtually every product necessary to run a successful practice. In addition, Main Street distributes millions of dollars in annual bonuses through the Main Street Rewards program.

Our Contracts:

We have separate agreements with Sanofi Pasteur, Merck and Pfizer Trumenba®, covering the majority of recommended vaccines. In return for preferential use of their products, each contract offers our members the lowest prices on name brand vaccines.

You can enroll in one or any combination of contracts to suit your individual needs; however, maximum savings are realized by participating in all contracts.

No Membership Fees, Volume Requirements or Hassle:

We encourage practices of any size to join Main Street Vaccines. There is no membership fee, no volume purchase requirement, and no hassle. You can order just the way you always have and realize on-invoice savings once enrollment is complete!

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