Revolutionary New Allergy Treatment for All Ages

Main Street Vaccines is pleased to announce another value added service for our members. A revolutionary new allergy test and treatment program for all ages through Pediatric and Optimum Allergy Solutions is available for use with any of our members.

Now physicians can safely and quickly test & treat their patients in their own office – using toothpaste!

Create an ancillary revenue stream for your office!

As simple as 1…2…3

180 Allergens

Step One – Test

Finger stick (draw blood vs. inject allergens).

Customized Serum

Step Two – Prescribe

Customized prescription for non-food allergens based on test results.

Brush 2 Minutes

Step Three – Toothpaste

Dispense in office a 90-day supply to patients quarterly. Typical regimen lasts 3-5 years.

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Pediatric Allergy Solutions (PAS) / Optimum Allergy Solutions is an LLC with its principle place of business located in Pennsylvania.

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