Hepatitis Vaccine Solution for Main Street Vaccines Members

During the current shortages for certain hepatitis vaccines from Merck, we want to remind you that we still need to maintain compliance with all Merck and Sanofi Pasteur products that are currently not impacted by this situation.

Despite the need to be mindful of our compliance requirements, we want to provide a solution for you to order your needed Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B products from GSK without the burden of negotiating a contract with GSK. In order to do this, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to gskdirect.com
  • Order 20 doses at one time of any Hepatitis vaccine that is on back order from Merck
    • By ordering 20 doses, this decreases the price significantly from list price
    • These are the comparable Merck vaccines you can order from GSK to not impact our compliance metrics
      • Hepatitis B Pediatric - Engerix-b pediatric
      • Hepatitis B Adult - Engerix-b adult
      • Hepatitis A Adult - Havrix adult
      • Hepatitis A and B adult - Twinrix adult
  • This can only be done directly at gskdirect.com and not through your wholesaler/distributor partners

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Matt Graves or Lauren Lenza.

Matt Graves, National Sales Director

888-482-6246 extension: 5

Lauren Lenza, Operations Manager

888-482-6246 extension: 3

We thank you for your support during this situation and in maintaining compliance for all vaccines not backordered at this time.

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