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Popular slide deck for healthcare professionals on meningococcal disease prevention and how to increase second dose coverage


In 2015, IAC launched MCV4: You’re Not Done If You Give Just One; Give 2 Doses to Strengthen Protection, in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur. This project was developed in response to the low immunization rates found for the recommended second (booster) dose of meningococcal ACWY (MCV4) vaccine.

As part of this project, a downloadable slide deck (with accompanying speaker notes) was added to the website in 2016. This valuable resource was made available for use by healthcare professionals (HCPs) to assist them in educating HCPs about the seriousness of meningococcal disease and the risk it poses to adolescents, raise awareness of the low immunization rates for the second (booster) dose of MCV4, and offer tools and resources to help HCPs increase their immunization rates and close the meningococcal booster dose gap.

This popular slide deck was just updated to include more recent data, as well as to incorporate recently revised recommendations for HPV and meningococcal group B vaccine. The new 16-year-old immunization platform highlighted in the ACIP’s recommended immunization schedule is also mentioned in the Speaker’s Notes.

This “ready-to-use” slide deck, which may be used free of charge, is available in two convenient formats.

  • PDF version of the slides (without speaker notes)
  • PowerPoint version, which can be downloaded and used for presentations to HCPs. The slide deck may be viewed with the embedded speaker notes. (Be sure to read the “Important Notes” on the download page for assistance in how to view the speaker notes.)

To access the slide deck in either format, go to Be sure to take advantage of this great training tool and the wealth of other educational resources available on the website.

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