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CDC issues clinical guidance for providers during the Recombivax HB vaccine shortage


In light of the current shortage of Recombivax HB pediatric hepatitis B vaccine (Merck), CDC has updated its Current Vaccine Shortages and Delays web page. Note 2 of the footnotes regarding the limited supply is reprinted below.

Merck anticipates having a limited supply of pediatric monovalent hepatitis B vaccine through 2019. GSK has confirmed its ability to continue to address supply gaps for pediatric hepatitis B vaccine during this period, using a combination of monovalent pediatric hepatitis B vaccine and its DTaP-HepB-IPV pediatric combination vaccine (Pediarix). The expected monovalent supply continues to provide sufficient vaccine to cover the hepatitis B birth dose for all children as well as additional pediatric hepatitis B vaccine for second and third doses. However, some adjustments will be needed from providers because of the decrease in monovalent vaccine (see attached guidance in the table above). To ensure an equitable distribution of monovalent hepatitis B vaccine and direct vaccine doses according to CDC’s clinical guidance, CDC has implemented controlled vaccine ordering in the public sector using both Merck’s and GSK’s monovalent pediatric hepatitis B vaccines. In addition, GSK is providing monovalent doses to the private sector market directly and through their channels consistent with CDC’s clinical guidance. GSK’s DTaP-HepB-IPV pediatric combination vaccine (Pediarix) continues to be available in both the public and private sectors.

Timely series completion is key to the success of any vaccination program and critical to ensuring patients receive the full benefit of their vaccinations.

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