Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Main Street Vaccines?

Main Street Vaccines offers the best prices and terms on pediatric, adolescent, adult, and influenza vaccines. Ordering, shipping, and payment occur through our partners, Sanofi Pasteur, Merck* and Pfizer. If you are already ordering directly through them there will be no change in ordering processes. Maintain your relationships with those companies as well as take advantage of any additional offers or discounts they may provide throughout the year.

Through our Main Street Rewards program, we distribute annual bonuses based on a percentage of your purchases of Sanofi Pasteur and Merck vaccines. Please note, as with all of our contracts, our Sanofi Pasteur and Merck contracts are separate. Each requires a separate enrollment to participate.

*Please note: Merck vaccines can now be purchased directly from Merck or indirectly at your election. Please click here for more information.

Is there a membership fee?

No. Your membership is free. Main Street Vaccines is designed to provide you with best pricing, annual bonus rewards and more!

Which vaccine companies do you have contracts with?

  • Sanofi Pasteur (Fluzone® and VaxServe)
  • Merck
  • Pfizer (Trumenba®)

Do I need to make volume purchases to see any benefit?

No, our contracts offer discounted prices and the best payment terms. Through our Main Street Rewards program, you will receive an annual bonus based on a percentage of your purchases. Realize savings on all purchases – large and small!

What is the Main Street Rewards program?

The Main Street Rewards program is an independent offering from Main Street Vaccines. We provide members who are enrolled in either our Sanofi Pasteur or Merck contracts with an annual bonus based on a percentage of purchases throughout the year (excluding Fluzone® and FET).

As with all of our contracts, our Sanofi Pasteur and Merck contracts are separate, and each requires a separate enrollment to participate. You do not have to be enrolled in both contracts to earn an annual bonus. The only requirements are that you are enrolled in the contract and remain brand loyal to Sanofi Pasteur and/or Merck. Please sign in /create a login to review our prices and bonuses or contact us.

How do I get specific contract information and prices?

Our terms and prices are confidential, you must login to review. There is no fee to create a login to our site and it does not bind you to anything. In addition to our base prices and bonuses, you may take advantage of any sales or other discounts offered by our partners such as prompt pay and online ordering discounts. Please login /create a login and see our price lists for more details or contact us.

How do I join?

You can login and enroll online in our contracts with Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, and/or Pfizer (Trumenba®). If you have any questions please contact us.

What if I don’t have or know my account number with Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, or Pfizer?

You can still enroll online to sign up to the contract(s) of your choice. Just indicate in the account field(s) that you need to sign up for an account or don’t know your account number and we will assist you. If you have any questions please contact us.

How long does it take to become a member and start ordering?

  • Sanofi Pasteur: Takes about 3 to 4 business days
  • Merck: 15 to 21 business days
  • Pfizer (Trumenba®): Enrolls in cycles, you will receive an estimate by email once you submit the form

How do I order?

Sanofi Pasteur:

Sanofi vaccines must be ordered through Sanofi Pasteur or its wholly owned subsidiary, VaxServe, to receive pricing.

Sanofi Pasteur: | 800-VACCINE | Contact your Sanofi Pasteur Rep
VaxServe: | 800-752-9338 | Contact your VaxServe Rep

Please note: Sanofi Pasteur and VaxServe provide a discount for ordering online.

If you purchase Sanofi Pasteur vaccines through an indirect distributor, you will not receive Main Street Vaccines pricing and those purchases will not accrue toward your Main Street Rewards bonus under the Sanofi Pasteur contract.


Merck vaccines can be ordered directly through Merck or indirectly through a Merck authorized Prime Distributor.

Merck: | 877-VAX-MERCK | Contact your Merck Rep
Prime Distributor: click here for a current list of Merck authorized Prime Distributors.

It is important, when ordering through a Distributor, that prior to placing your order you must:

  1. Confirm the distributor is a Prime Distributor authorized by Merck; and
  2. Confirm you are properly set up in their system to receive contract pricing.

Please note: Final invoice charges and payment/shipping/return policies may not be the same for Merck and its Prime Distributors and may vary between Distributors.

Pfizer Trumenba®:

Pfizer Trumenba® must be ordered directly from Pfizer to receive contract pricing. | 800-572-8221 OPT #2 | Contact your Pfizer Rep

Are your vaccine contracts connected?

No, our contracts are separate and independent from each other. Enrollment in one contract does not mean you are enrolled in another contract. Practices may enroll in any combination of contracts that suit their needs. Maximum savings and bonuses are achieved by enrolling in all of our contracts.

What other benefits do your members get?

Currently, we offer discounted prices on medical grade vaccine refrigerators & freezers, access to our Staples Business Advantage discount office supplies program, and a discount to members who switch from their current EHR to Office Practicum. Additionally, DocSavings offers the best prices on office cryosurgery systems and competitively priced medical supplies.

VaxServe sells Merck and Pfizer vaccines, can I purchase those vaccines at VaxServe?

To get our Pfizer agreement prices for and terms for the purchase of Trumenba®, you need to be separately enrolled in that contract and order directly from Pfizer.

To get Merck pricing you must be separately enrolled in that contract. Once enrolled Merck vaccines may be purchased directly from Merck or from a Merck authorized Prime Distributor at your election. A current list of Prime Distributors can be found on

Sanofi Pasteur vaccines must be ordered through Sanofi Pasteur or VaxServe.

How long do I have to stay with one of your contracts?

Our contracts renew automatically, but you may withdraw at any time. Please notify us in writing or by email at if you wish to cancel your enrollment. You will lose any accrued benefits if you withdraw prior to the close of the current contract year. Our contract year runs from July 1st through June 30th.

What happens if I get a “deal” somewhere or purchase competing vaccines?

We offer a very good long term “deal” but we know our prices can be beaten by limited promotions or incentives. Experience has shown us that stability and steady savings outweigh short-term deals and gimmicks over time.

Members who persistently violate the contract terms may lose their bonus or be removed to preserve benefits for the group.

Can you really tell if I am buying vaccines outside the contract?

Yes, the data is publicly available and we monitor it regularly. It is important for our contract integrity.

Can I be in more than one Physician Buying Group (PBG) at the same time?

No, not for vaccines. By the terms of each contract, Sanofi Pasteur, Merck and Pfizer, you are only allowed to be enrolled with one GPO per contract.

Do we get preferential treatment if vaccines are scarce?

Not specifically; however, we work closely with our vaccine partners to obtain contract adjustments and allocations. We post updates about availability on our website and distribute information through our newsletter.

What happens if a manufacturer can’t deliver on contracted vaccines?

In a designated “failure to supply” situation we usually arrange a temporary release from the contract terms and/or a compensatory price adjustment.

Can I use a credit card to pay for vaccine orders?

Absolutely. Many of our practices do this, as it generates enormous rewards or rebates on your credit card accounts.

Do I have to change the way I order under your agreements?

No. Our programs are designed to simplify your life, not complicate it. There are no ratios or volume requirements. There is one simple requirement—that members be brand loyal to the contracts they participate in. The ordering and shipment process of vaccines is not altered in any way by participation in our contracts. Ordering, shipping, and payments for both Sanofi Pasteur vaccines and Pfizer’s Trumenba® must be done directly through the respective companies. Merck vaccines may be ordered directly from Merck or from any authorized Merck Prime Distributor.

What happens if one of the companies runs a special sale?

We hope you take advantage of it. In addition to our contracted pricing and terms, our members are still eligible to take advantage of any additional discount our partners offer.

My state provides basic childhood vaccines so I don’t use all of the vaccines that you mention in your contracts; can I still participate and get discounts?

Absolutely. This question usually references the newer adolescent and adult vaccines that some states cannot afford to provide. Our prices and bonuses are based on the products you purchase, so this would only be an issue if, for example, you used our contracts to receive great rates on Menactra®, Gardasil®, or Trumenba®, but purchased competing vaccines for the rest of your immunization schedule.

I get a lot of my vaccines for Medicaid or indigent patients through VFC or another state plan. Do I have to use vaccines from your contract partners?

Not absolutely – but why wouldn’t you? Their products are available through all VFC plans. Immunization protocols are complicated enough – why keep two or more sets of stock and schedules?

I see mostly adults, (or women, or subspecialty patients), so I don’t use childhood vaccines. Can I order just the products I need and still get the benefits of your contracts?

Certainly. As long as you are not ordering childhood or adolescent/adult vaccines from another source, we usually waive our requirements.

I have gotten a better price quote on your vaccines from another buying group. How is that possible?

It isn’t as long as you are comparing apples to apples. Your competing quote may include various manufacturer discounts and incentives as part of the base price.

I’m already a Main Street member. Why don’t I get your prices for all my vaccines?

Although you are a member of Main Street Vaccines, you still need to enroll in each contract individually to receive its benefits. Also, please make sure that you are ordering through the approved channels, or your purchases will not be eligible for the contract prices and terms.


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