Vaccine Storage Solutions

Vaccine refrigerators, freezers & wireless data loggers

Main Street Vaccines is an authorized retailer for ABS and Follett vaccine storage systems. The CDC has several guidelines concerning vaccine storage:

  • Use of a biosafe glycol-encased probe or a similar temperature buffered probe rather than measurement of ambient air temperatures.
  • Use of digital data loggers with detachable probes that record and store temperature information at frequent programmable intervals.
  • Use of stand-alone refrigerator and stand-alone freezer units suitable for vaccine storage rather than combination (refrigerator+freezer) or other units not designed for storing fragile biologics, such as vaccines.
  • Discontinuing use of dorm-style or bar-style refrigerator/freezers for ANY vaccine storage, even temporary storage.
  • Weekly review of vaccine expiration dates and rotation of vaccine stock.

Many state VFCs use the CDC guidelines to determine the rules they set for VFC vaccine storage. Please contact your state’s VFC for specific storage requirements.

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